BabyBond: The Perfect Gift for Yourself or As a Baby Shower Gift


This website was created to promote BabyBond nursing accessories that cover mom, not her baby. Mom is able to maintain her modesty. Baby remains uncovered benefiting from the infinite opportunity to make eye contact, interact, and communicate. After all, dining is social.

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I learned that preverbal skills, eye contact, and attention are vital to cognitive and language development as I trained to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. However, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I fully understood and lived these truths. I believe every experience is a learning experience and that breastfeeding offers infinite opportunity to interact and communicate with your baby. And, although not typical, each of our four children spoke in eight word sentences by age two.

My determination to incorporate breastfeeding into my lifestyle meant nursing in public everywhere. It also taught me a lot about myself. I discovered that refusing to cover my baby’s head while nursing did not leave many options. I did not feel attractive when I lifted my shirt to nurse because I found myself slouching forward and it revealed my postnatal stomach and back. I also felt that by exposing my breasts, the intimacy shared between my husband and me was somehow compromised… I wanted to keep some things just for us. Please understand that these are my feelings based on my experience, and I understand that each of us has our own unique perception.

After having four babies, my closet was full of nursing tops that were not flattering and quite pricey. In December, 2006 during a 2 am feeding, I envisioned a nursing accessory that would cover mom but not her baby. The next morning, I cut and sewed one of my husband’s t-shirts into the prototype for the Slurp & Burp®. Since then, I have designed three product lines to meet the needs of a variety of nursing moms and babies. We have since rebranded to BabyBond™, a name that highlights the primary benefit of our products.

While I do not consider myself a lactivist, I do believe women deserve the right ot feel comfortable breastfeeding wherever and whenever no matter what product they do or do not choose to use. I am honored to be able to offer one of the options available to nursing moms.

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The testimonials tell you all you need about this unique nursing accessory.

The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

January 11, 2011

BabyBond “is the perfect baby shower gift or a gift for yourself. If you are modest, like I am, this is fantastic. I adore how I can keep hidden, while my baby won’t be.” Visit The Bewitchin’ Kitchen to read the review and learn how to save 75%!


MI Savings Mama

BabyBond “is probably one of the best inventions that I have seen on the market. I love to see my childs face when I was feeding.” Visit MI Savings Mama to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond!

May I ask you who developed your site? I see you're using the Magento platform as I am, and I'd like some ways to customize Magento to better suit my needs. Any advice is appreciated. Love your product!!


BabyBond via Batman

BabyBond provides the privacy that keeps everyone comfortable when breastfeeding. At the local fair, the sweet lady from the Batman booth was using it while managing her kiosk. She was promoting a very cool Batman t-shirt website called and actually helped me place an order while showing me the benefits of BabyBond. My son is a huge Batman fan and now I can stop trying to come up with a great birthday gift. I already know the exact shirt he wants and it's in the bag. So this was the day I found a fabulous new breastfeeding tool that goes everywhere with us. And it all happened through a serendipitous Batman connection. offers a wide range of different kinds of Batman shirts, catering to various styles and representations of the iconic character. Whether it's a vintage style from the classic comics or a design inspired by the latest films, this website seems to have it all. With the kind lady's help, I was able to navigate through the various options and find the perfect Batman shirt for my son, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for the variety available. This chance encounter was a welcome surprise and has since made both my parenting journey and my son's fandom even more enjoyable.


Because It’s Fun to Win

‎”BabyBond is a nursing cover that leaves you fully covered while also keeping your baby completely UNcovered!” Visit Because It’s Fun to Win to read the review and learn how to save 75%!


City Girl Big World

January 10, 2011

‎”BabyBond is a protective nursing sash that works to keep mommies modest without covering up baby!” Visit City Girl Big World to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond!


Coolest Mommy

January 7, 2011

‎”With a Baby Bond, you can Nurse, Converse and Bond all at the same time.” Visit Coolest Mommy to read the review and learn how to save 75%!


Giveaways and Reviews

‎”BabyBond Couture can also be used as a belly band to cover up your stomach when you nurse—a nice perk for moms who’ve recently given birth.” Visit Giveaways and Reviews to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond


Fabulous Family Reviews

January 5, 2011

‎”BabyBond has allowed us to nurse discreetly while keeping Aniala uncovered and much cooler.” Visit Fabulous Family Reviews to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond!


Running Rachel

December 31, 2010

‎‎”I find that many of the nursing covers/hiders tend to draw attention to what the mama and baby are actually doing. The BabyBond is the exact opposite, the cover just keeps the Mom modest and covered while allowing the baby to be cradled to nurse as if in the privacy of your own home.” Visit Running Rachel to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond!


Day By Day

December 30, 2010

‎”BabyBond introduces a product that is worn like a sash across the mom, yet turns almost anything you wear that can provide nursing access from the top like access into a nursing top!” Visit Day By Day to read the review and learn how to save 75%!


Autumn Blues Reviews

BabyBond Couture “molds to the body whatever your shape.” Visit Autumn Blues Reviews to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond!


Diary of a Devil Dog Wife

December 29, 2010

BabyBond “material is incredibly soft. It is easy to figure out and simple to use. The Flex BabyBond comes with a detachable 9 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. And I can’t forget to mention that it the sash folds up into a very compact carrying case.” Visit Diary of a Devil Dog Wife to read the review and learn how to save 75%!


MommyB Knows Best

December 27, 2010

BabyBond Couture™ “is adjustable and changes with my body as I will it to shrink *LOL*” Visit MommyB Knows Best to read the review.


Grandma Sez

‎”The Baby Bond comes with the burp cloth and both, the bond and cloth, roll up to fit in a handy carry case, compact enough to easily fit in a diaper bag.” Visit Grandma Sez to read the review and find out how to save 75%!


Belly Itch

“BabyBond nursing accessories are a great option for new moms conscious of their postnatal figure since mom’s belly and back always remain covered.” Visit Belly Itch to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond!


My 365 to a Size 5

December 21, 2010


BabyBond is “so incredibly soft that when I use it, Ellianna fingers the soft fabric while she nurses!” Visit My 365 to a Size 5 to read the review and learn how to save 75%!!!


A Frugal Life

BabyBond “would blend in and work nicely with any outfit. It rolls up neatly into it’s own little case and should be easy to store in purse or diaper bag.” Visit A Frugal Life to read the review.



The All Around Mom

BabyBond Couture “is sewed with its own self-storing pouch so after using it, just roll it and store away.” Visit The All Around Mom to read the review and enter to win a BabyBond